Newfield Primary School

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School Council Meets Prince William

Year 2 Police Visit

3 Cherry Museum of London trip

Year 6 Elm 3D dioramas of the Amazon Rainforest

A Christmas Carol Y2- Y6 Christmas production

Shine Star Shine Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Christmas performance

Charitable Donations for the Tesco Extra Christmas Food Bank

4 Olive trip to University College of London

Healthy Lifestyle Day

Year 3 School Trip to a Hindu Temple

Key Stage 1 Spooky Disco

Wizard Theatre

Rememberance Day

Rememberance Day 1 Rememberance Display by Year 1
Rememberance Day 2

Remembrance Day Poems

Remembrance Day Poems 1
Remembrance Day Poems 2

Somali Food Sale - Fundraising on behalf of Hear Women Gargar Foundation

Spring 2017 Dance Competition