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Who’s Who


                                               Teaching Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Ms Bolt


Deputy Headteacher

Ms Harrison

Early Years Phase Leader- vacancy

Covered by:

Ms Elliott

Ms R Begum

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Ms R Begum

Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Ms Saving

Curriculum Coordinator

Ms Elliott

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Smith

School Business Manager

Mrs Keogh





Teaching Assistant

Additional Staffing


Ms Chadha (Mon – Wed)



Ms Suman

Ms Minal

(Mon – Wed)





Reception Purple

Ms Bhudia


Ms Ana

1:1 Ms Sonia

1:1 Ms Becky

1:1 Ms Roisin




Year 1D

Ms Deen

Ms Harris

Ms Marian

Ms Suman


Year 1J

Ms Johnston

 Ms Rose

Ms Minal


Year 2B

Ms R Begum

Ms Carla




Year 2F

Ms Fenech

Ms Michelle P

Mr Ricardo

Year 3B

Ms L Begum

Ms Patrice

Ms Lovetta

Year 3P

Ms Pickup

Ms Ann Marie


Year 4C

Ms Clifford

Ms Charlotte

Ms Patrice, Ms Dee

Year 4H

Ms Hirani

Mr George

1:1 Ms Nadia

Year 5S

Mr Steenkamp

Ms Michelle M


Year 5M

Ms McKeon

Ms Shahina

Ms Tais

Year 6E

Ms Elliott

Mr Jahmaine


Year 6S

Ms Saving


Ms Ruth

Ms Lasharna

Year 6 Intervention Teacher

Mr Achampong



Maths Specialist Teacher




Cover for PPA (teachers’ planning, preparation and assessment time)

Ms Arrowsmith


Mr Bodle





Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Smith





Inclusion Coordinator



EAL Support

Mrs Sargeant











Non class based TAs




Behaviour Support across the school

Ms Selena

Mr Ernest


Behaviour Support across the school

SEN support TAs

Ms Samantha




Non class based staff




Family Support Worker


Ms Rebecca


Place 2 Be Manager


Mr Sandy

School Business Manager


Ms Kath

School Secretary & Attendance Officer


Ms Penny

Finance Officer


Ms Diana

Administrative Support


Ms Nicola

Office Support

Medical Link TA

Ms Wendy

Site Supervisor


Mr Pikul

Information Technology Technician (0.6)


Mr Shehzad


After School Club






Ms Helen


Mr George


Ms Ann Marie


Ms Beverley


SMSAs (Dinner ladies)



Ms Beverley


Ms Nipuni


Ms Farhat


Ms Laura


Ms Lea


Ms Nadifa