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English at Newfield

English at Newfield


At Newfield Primary School, we aim to promote the highest standards of language and literacy possible by equipping pupils with a strong spoken and written word.  We aim to develop a love of language and communication by learning about literacy skills through the use of quality children’s text and books that interest, inspire and excite readers.



That all children leaving Newfield will be able to:

read easily and fluently with good comprehension at the appropriate standard.

have the vocabulary they will need to succeed at secondary school and in the wider world and have the phonic knowledge to tackle any more complex, challenging words. 

be able to write for purpose in a variety of genres

be able to write for their own pleasure using a variety of written conventions


The Teaching of Reading


At Newfield we use a combination of several approaches to give the pupils the best possible start to their schooling. The Read, Write Inc program teaches all children coming into the school to blend and segment different sounds until they are able to decode words fluently.


In Year 1, pupils then start a programme called Daily Supported Reading, where they are placed in banded groups and read with an adult for 30 mins every day. This aims to consolidate their fluency and understanding as before they move into KS2.


Once reading at an appropriate age, pupils will start Destination Reader. This is a very successful child centred approach to reading, developed in Hackney but now used widely through many boroughs, including Brent.

The programme falls into seven strands. Each looking at an aspect of reading that every reader needs to be successful.

The strands are:

  • Predicting
  • Summarising
  • Questioning
  • Clarifying
  • Making connections
  • Inferring
  • Evaluating


Each strand focuses on modelling and teaching the children the different language structures they need to be successful when explaining what they know about a text and answering question on it.


During the week the children are read to, read in pairs and in groups and are assessed on their fluency, expression and understanding of the text.