Newfield Primary School

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Science at Newfield

Science Curriculum Aims


Our pupils ENJOY Science we know this through pupil voice and engagement in lessons.  They enjoy the hands-on learning, seeing the relevance of Science in their everyday lives and when the learning relates to their personal interests.

Due to arriving in the school at different times and having received very varied prior learning in Science many pupils are at different starting points at the beginning of topics. It is therefore vital that teachers assess prior knowledge and build this into subsequent learning. At Newfield we use Switched on Science which has been written specifically for the new National Curriculum and gives students exciting science lessons and supports teachers in their confidence in delivering high-quality science lessons. 


Many children arrive into the country with no or very limited English and therefore it is important that teachers explicitly teach scientific vocabulary and provide plenty of opportunities for children to practise and embed this vocabulary.

It is important that teachers ensure that all pupils can access the Science curriculum regardless of their attainment in Maths and English.


Some pupils have had traumatic experiences which teachers need to bear in mind when planning contents for lessons. Pupils come from a range of faiths and it is important that teachers are aware of where the Science teaching may be sensitive. Teachers should aim to work with parents to help them understand the Science concepts being taught (Year 5 Life Cycles and Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance). Due to backgrounds of some children teachers should be aware that inheritance should not be taught through the children’s own family history.


Many of the pupils have limited experiences of Science beyond school so teachers provide support for parents to engage in Science with their children through parent workshops, family homework and ideas of places to visit.

Whilst the Science National Curriculum covers aspects of health the school is committed to educating both children and their families about how to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.


The National Curriculum for Science covers some aspects of environmental concerns but the school is committed to further engaging pupils in both local and worldwide issues.

The school believes that all children should see themselves as Scientists and promotes this by offering a range of enrichment activities and providing relevant role models.