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Science at Newfield

Science at Newfield


At Newfield Primary School, we aim for pupils to understand the relevance of science in their everyday lives with links to their personal interests. This is achieved through hands-on learning. Our ambition is that pupils leave primary school with deep scientific knowledge and an ability to set up, carry out and evaluate scientific investigations and experiments.


We believe that all pupils should see themselves as Scientists and we promote this by offering a range of enrichment activities and providing relevant role models. Whilst the Science National Curriculum covers aspects of health the school is committed to educating both children and their families about how to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. The National Curriculum for Science covers some aspects of environmental concerns but the school is committed to further engaging pupils in both local and worldwide issues.


At Newfield we believe that providing children with opportunities to develop scientific talk is essential for pupils to present scientific reasoning, arguments or evidence. Pupils will build secure foundations in science by developing their scientific vocabulary and using it in discussions to deepen their knowledge and understanding but also enable them to identify and correct their misconceptions.


We want pupils to acquire scientific skills to enable them to develop their own knowledge of science, participate in investigations and apply their knowledge to other aspects of learning, where opportunities arise.

Science National Curriculum

Science at Newfield