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*** Our Value of the Week is Resilience. *** Go to About us - Vision, value and school rules. These will be used together with the behaviour policy. ***We are recruiting. You will find a list of vacancies under the About us section. *** On a Friday those children who have a packed lunch are allowed to bring one treat. This should be a small item such as a cake or a packet of crisps. No sweets are permitted. ***
Please have a look at our picture gallery. You will find this under the news and events tab.

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Learners of the Week *** Year 1 - Vinith,Valentina,Kumeisha,Khadar,Hana,Ayub,Kyle,Khadijah *** Year 2 - Adam,Leonardo,JJ,Adam,Theo,Amy-Rose,Yasmin,Kenji *** Year 3 - Salma,Alan,Toshe,Akeyla,Hanad,Pricilla,Elijah,Sara *** Year 4 - Armani,Fatema,Shazane, Nawal *** Year 5 - Destiny,Sangeth,Khadijah,Igor ,Haseena,Rishi,Asharne,Yasir *** Year 6 - Cayden, Nayana,Cydina,Thierry,Mona, Shabbir,Kai,Fatuma ***
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