Newfield Primary School

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The Curriculum


Through the curriculum we aim to nurture ambition in our children by ensuring that all pupils have a sense of belonging in a learning community where they are empowered to achieve the very best that they can.


We are committed to developing skills and raising attainment in English and Maths as a matter of priority, but we also believe in developing the whole child by providing a rich, stimulating and relevant curriculum.


Curriculum Aims

We aim to develop the following knowledge and skills in our pupils:


  • To take responsibility for their own personal safety with an ability to identity and respond to unsafe situations
  • To understand readiness for learning,  which is being on time every day, with the correct equipment, and taking pride in their appearance
  • To be literate and numerate to an appropriate standard for their chronological age, ability and experience in line with national averages
  • To speak with confidence using varied and appropriate language and to listen attentively to others.
  • A love of books and language, including dual language texts and books within and beyond the school
  • To learn the skills and knowledge acquired in one curriculum area and apply them in different subject areas.
  • To be creative and to engage with a wide range of creative stimuli.
  • To become active, independent learners and to become learners for life.


  • To explore the possibilities of technology and to be mindful of the

Safety and responsibility that comes with it

  • To have curiosity about the world on every level.
  •  To develop scientific, environmental, geographic, historical, cultural and spiritual knowledge of the world.
  • To value and respect all people, cultures and religions as well as their own.
  • To develop good friendship and social skills and to be caring, empathetic, happy, self-aware individuals.
  • To be emotionally resilient, being able to resolve conflicts in a calm, reasoned way whilst maintaining self discipline.
  • To have a deeper understanding of both the school values (Achievement, Ambition, Belonging, Enjoyment, Kindness, Resilience, Respect and Tolerance) and fundamental British Values.
  • To have good problem solving, research and organisational skills in their learning and other experiences.
  • To be able to work effectively individually and as part of a team.
  • To be good, honest, responsible socially conscious citizens with aspirations for their futures.
  • To kickstart an active healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental.
  • To be confident, resilient and able to take calculated risks.
  • To understand money and to have aspirations for their own economic future.
  • To know how to take care of themselves including the importance of nutrition and sleep.


For more information about our school's curriculum please contact the Headteacher by email: or phoning the school office on 0208 961 1566 and making an appointment.