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School Lunches and Healthy Eating

Lunchtime Co.


Lunchtime Co. provide our school meals and they try and make lunchtime the highlight of your child's day. Please see below the menus which rotate over three weeks. School lunches are currently £2.38 per day. 

Packed Lunches should be healthy, nutritious and fun!


If your child is having a packed lunch, have a look at our Guidelines for Healthy Eating. 


Packed lunches should include:

  • One portion of pasta salad, sandwich, bread roll or pitta bread.
  • Cooked meat or boiled egg as a filling in a sandwich.
  • One portion of fruit and vegetables e.g. carrot/cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, apple, banana etc.
  • One portion of yoghurt or cheese.
  • Water only.


Examples of a good packed lunch

Example 1-

Ham/cheese/egg/chicken/tuna/turkey sandwich




Example 2-

Pasta pot

Cheese square

Carrot sticks

Cereal bar

Pitta bread with filling


Below are some websites to help you provide your children with a healthy lunch.