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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Newfield


At Newfield Primary School, we aim to deliver an inspiring, rigorous and practical Design and Technology (DT) curriculum that prepares pupils for the world they live in. To do this, we give them opportunities to explore current and past design and technology, and to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.


We want our pupils to acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and to draw on and apply their learning in other subjects like mathematics, science, computing and art. Our intention is for them to enjoy their learning; to be ambitious in their designs and to be proud of their achievements and finished products.  


We intend that by the time they leave Newfield they are well prepared for the next stage of their education and that some pupils are inspired to pursue careers that incorporate aspects of design and technology.


At Newfield Primary School we know that, within the context of SEND, personalisation of the curriculum is key so that each individual’s priorities can be considered in order to prepare them adequately for adulthood with the best possible quality of life. Our ambitious curriculum can be successfully adapted to meet the needs of pupils with SEND, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know with increasing fluency and independence. We believe that it is vital that our pupils are equipped with the tools needed to become independent, inquisitive learners in all subjects and that pupils with SEND achieve the very best outcome and reach their full potential.

Design and Technology Curriculum Overview

Design and Technology Progression Map

Design and Technology National Curriculum