Newfield Primary School

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Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team



Ms Bolt


 Deputy Headteacher

Ms Saving


School Business Manager

Ms Keogh


 Senior Leader


 Ms Clifford

Senior Leader


Ms McKeon

Teaching Staff


Ms Mohammed


Ms Minal

Reception Willow

Ms Nilsson 



Ms Marian

1 Maple

Ms Hawkes


Ms Shahina

2 Ash

Ms Bottomley


Ms Ann-Marie

Ms Charleen

3 Cherry

Ms Clifford


Ms Samantha 

4 Olive

Mr Morgan


Ms Charlotte

4 Beech

Ms Harris

Ms Wendy 


5 Birch

Ms Blackman


Ms Rose/Ms Minal 

Ms Suman 

6 Elm

Ms McKeon


Ms Ruth

6 Palm

Ms Lauritzen


Ms Asiah 

Ms Nadia

PPA Teacher

Ms Begum


PPA Teacher



Non-Teaching Staff


Family Support Worker



Finance Officer

Ms Diana


School Secretary

Ms Penny


Site Supervisor


Mr Dave


Ms Lea



Ms Farah



Ms Cooper


Leadership Team


Mathematics ans Design and Technology Leader

Ms Harris


English Leader



Science and Computing Leader

Ms Bottomley


Curriculum Leader

Ms Clifford


EYFS Leader

Ms Bhudia


PE Leader

Ms McKeon