Newfield Primary School

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Healthy Eating

Packed Lunches should be healthy, nutritious and fun!


If your child is having a packed lunch, have a look at our Guidelines for Healthy Eating. 


Guidelines for Healthy Eating - Packed Lunches 

  • Brown bread is encouraged as an alternative to white bread for sandwiches.
  • Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks should not be part of a packed lunch (fizzy drinks are not allowed in school).

** We have TREAT DAY every Friday where children can bring ONE treat.**


 You can have fun together by getting your child to help make their packed lunch.

  • You could cut sandwiches into shapes with  biscuit cutters to make their sandwiches fun! These can be seasonal things, e.g Christmas trees at Christmas, Hearts on Valentine's day, the options are endless. If you come up with an idea for a sandwich shape, take a photo of it and we can load it onto this page! 


For some lunch box ideas click on the following link.


 Children's Lunch Box


*Please write your child's name on their packed lunch box*