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The Golden Table - Learners of the Week

Strictly Come Dancing

Spooky Disco 2021

Euros 2020

St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Children In Need Video

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Key Worker Portraits

Water Donation - AQUA Carpatica

Newfield School Council 2019 - 2020

Children In Need 2019

3 Cherry at the Tower of London.

Day 4 At Gordon Brown:

Last night we watched Space Jam while we were drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate biscuits. When we went to bed we fell asleep after listening to a story from the world’s worst teachers. In the morning we got dressed and had breakfast. After eating breakfast we took part in a sporting event including team races, a pig and spoon race and a wellie toss. The winners were the Fly Kick Donkeys (Lorena, Maria, Gilbert, Rhys, Amaal and Karla) and they got to hold the Megabowl. This afternoon we collected firewood to build our own fires. Ollie taught us how to build it. We then cooked our own popcorn. Tonight we will be roasting marshmallows on a bonfire and having a disco. We will see you tomorrow, goodnight.

By Beatrice and Rebecca

Day 3 At Gordon Brown:

Today the boys slept in till 7:15am and the girls had a good night sleep (we didn’t talk too much). We all had a fresh morning shower and split into two groups for the day’s activities which were archery and a river study. Year 4 and 5 enjoyed archery for the first time although some children couldn’t hit the target and we made friendship bracelets. Year 6, Kija and Khalisah took a short trip on the Gordon Brown mini bus to do a river study using a sample kit. They found lots of fresh water insects. This afternoon we swapped activities. Tonight we will be staying in and having a DVD night. We all are missing our families and we love you very much. Only two more sleeps till we are home!


By Karla, Aicha and Lorena 

Day 2 At Gordon Brown:

We woke up, got dressed and ready for breakfast. This morning we went on the climbing wall and power fan. Some children felt a little scared but we were all really brave. We have spent out free time feeding the goats and some of us have given them new names (Fluffy, Jordan Huffley, Yardie, Spotty and Girty AND long neck Barney). For lunch we had a chicken curry and tonight for dinner we will be having jacket potatoes. This evening we will be going on our night walk and when we get back we are going to go straight to sleep for the teachers – or will we? Miss Saving says we will!


By Rojai, Robhino, Lavern, Zain and Luke

Day 1 Gordon Brown


We arrived safely at Gordon Brown. First, we met the staff. We chose our beds and unpacked our clothes. Then we went to see the fluffy rabbits and bunnies for 15 minutes before lunch. For lunch we had beef burgers and chips and for dessert we had chocolate crunch. After lunch Chris gave us a tour to show us where we could go safely in our free time. During the tour we got to give apples to the donkeys and went in the pen with the goats. We also got to see other animals like the pigs and chickens. After that, we went to the benches and sculpted with clay – we will bring our sculptures home on Friday. Tonight we had pasta with cheese for dinner and fruit for dessert. Tonight we get to go to the tuck shop and we are going to make lanterns! We miss you but don’t worry about us because we are okay and having the time of our life!


By Lorena, Khalisah and Gilbert

Learners of the Term

Green For Grenfell - Go online to read the full article

Step Back in History Day 2019

Science At Newfield

As part of their How Scientist Work topic Year 5 held their very own Science Fair. Pupils worked in groups to produce a display around the theme 'How things work.'

Congratulations to everyone who took part. 

Year 5 Kew Gardens Trip

African Caribbean Achievement Project Booster

Elders Voice Project

For the third year running we held our Poetry Recital Competition. Winners from each class battled it out in front of the whole school and our judges, Ms Harrison, Ms Kopera and one of our vice chair of governors Julia Babiak.

The standard was really high as always but our worthy winner was Aicha from 3 Cherry.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Celebrating Reception Learning

Wates Residential Roundwood Park Tree Planting

Wizard Theatre KS1 Ali Baba

School Council Meets Prince William

Meet the Newfield Staff and Governors

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Easter Bonnet Parade

Year 6 Basketball with Coach Pete from Capital City Partnership

Year 6 Elm 3D dioramas of the Amazon Rainforest

A Christmas Carol Y2- Y6 Christmas production

Shine Star Shine Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Christmas performance

Charitable Donations for the Tesco Extra Christmas Food Bank

Key Stage 1 Spooky Disco

Wizard Theatre

Rememberance Day

Remembrance Day Poems

Somali Food Sale - Fundraising on behalf of Hear Women Gargar Foundation