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Green For Grenfell - Go online to read the full article

Green For Grenfell - Go online to read the full article 1
Green For Grenfell - Go online to read the full article 2

Step Back in History Day 2019

As part of their How Scientist Work topic Year 5 held their very own Science Fair. Pupils worked in groups to produce a display around the theme 'How things work.'

Congratulations to everyone who took part. 

Science At Newfield

Year 5 Kew Gardens Trip

African Caribbean Achievement Project Booster

Elders Voice Project

For the third year running we held our Poetry Recital Competition. Winners from each class battled it out in front of the whole school and our judges, Ms Harrison, Ms Kopera and one of our vice chair of governors Julia Babiak.

The standard was really high as always but our worthy winner was Aicha from 3 Cherry.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Celebrating Reception Learning

Wates Residential Roundwood Park Tree Planting

Wizard Theatre KS1 Ali Baba

Gordon Brown Day 4: Last night we watched a movie (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)- it was some nice down time. Some of us went to bed early as we were really tired. Today's morning activity was the climbing wall and power fan. We all listened to Olly and Matt's instructions so we knew what to do. Kimora and Valentina were really scared when they first saw the power fan, with a few tears they faced their fears and took a big leap off the top. On the vertical climbing wall all other children gave it a go. Kenji, Channi and Rojai showed resillience with climbing the wall. This afternoon we made rockstar bands and put on an amazing show for everyone. Tonight we will be having a camp fire, a special treat and a little boogie. We can't wait to see our parents, our teachers, and Ms Bolt tomorrow. By Johannah, Kimora and Diante.

Gordon Brown Day 3: We have had a fantastic 24 hours and have done the following things:- Went on a night walk and looked at the stars and shone our torches. - Went inside a pitch-black tunnel. -Slept straight away after a hot shower and hot chocolate. - Learnt how to fire a bow and arrow – Delvanti managed to hit the bulls eye! -Table 2 fed the animals. -We had BBQ chicken for lunch – chef Robin is an amazing cook. - Worked together as a group on the trim trail. - Climbed and were resilient on the low ropes and showed the value of belonging especially when Gracia was wobbly. Tonight we will be having a DVD night and snuggling up ready for bed. By Gracia, Ludimila and Zakariye

Gordon Brown Day 2: Last night we had an amazing games night. Kumeisha won bingo and Atemis and Channi's team won the quiz. This morning after we had breakfast, Table 1 fed the animals and Table 2 cleaned the dining hall. The rest of the day we made a fire, cooked popcorn and made a shelter. We are about to have dinner and tonight we will go on a night walk! We are very excited. By Sa'rai

Gordon Brown Day 1: We have had a great first day. We have met all of the animals and have fed and played with them. This afternoon we had a walk around the whole centre, went pond dipping and found lots and lots of insects. Tonight for we are having pasta for dinner with fruit for pudding. After dinner we will be having a games night!

School Council Meets Prince William

Meet the Newfield Staff and Governors

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Science Museum - Reception

British Museum - Year 4

Easter Bonnet Parade

Year 6 Basketball with Coach Pete from Capital City Partnership

Year 2 Police Visit

3 Cherry Museum of London trip

Year 6 Elm 3D dioramas of the Amazon Rainforest

A Christmas Carol Y2- Y6 Christmas production

Shine Star Shine Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Christmas performance

Charitable Donations for the Tesco Extra Christmas Food Bank

Year 5 and 6 Pupils visit University College of London

Healthy Lifestyle Day

Year 3 School Trip to a Hindu Temple

Key Stage 1 Spooky Disco

Wizard Theatre

Rememberance Day

Rememberance Day 1 Rememberance Display by Year 1
Rememberance Day 2

Remembrance Day Poems

Remembrance Day Poems 1
Remembrance Day Poems 2

Somali Food Sale - Fundraising on behalf of Hear Women Gargar Foundation

Spring 2017 Dance Competition